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Smart Vision Technology has four main offices located in Dubai, Cairo, Riyadh and London covering the EMEA region. We have proved effectiveness in understanding our customer base and staying ahead of the technology curve. The mission of the company is to (drive the widespread use of Data & AI in decision-making) through analyzing the people opinions attitudes and behaviors. The company's success has been based upon its ability to demonstrate the very real benefits that the use of IBM technology provides. Underlying this ability is the collective conviction that analyzing data, and incorporating the results into the decision-making process, leads to better decisions.

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SELECT For Software and Hardware IT Solutions


Enterprise Sigma Technology is a management software and hardware company with a clear focus on combining business and technology in key areas such as Cloud, Data Center Infrastructure, and Data Analytic. Enterprise Sigma Technology designs, supplies, installs, and supports IT solutions that contribute to productivity improvement and operational efficiency that help customers manage and secure complex IT environments to enhance the overall business performance. Our solutions enable customers to support changing business models at the right time, the right place, and from the best sources. Through its partnership with the world's largest providers, Enterprise Sigma Technology provides its customers with multi-platform IT solutions for Data Virtualization, Availability and Security.

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SELECT For Identification, Tracking and IoT Solutions


ONTECH is the SELECT International member in charge of identity and physical security solutions that brings to the market the most advanced solutions of identification, tracking and IoT solutions through leveraging the latest RFID technology infused with AI, access control systems and embedded hardware components. ONTECH's extensive range of portfolio includes credentialing and RFID solutions, access control, management and tracking system.

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SELECT For Automotive Industry, Water Desalination and Food Industry


Enterprise Sigma Industries was established in 2018, to acquire multiple business across various business fields that perfectly fit some industrial gaps in Egypt. Whether this was in the Food Industry, Automotive industry, Water Desalination, etc.

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